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With ISO Components, Sourcing Electronic Components just got easier ....

ISO Components is a stocking distributor for electronic components and specialists in finding hard-to-find parts.

checked Registered Government Contractors
ISO Components are registered contractors with many governments around the world and are awarded government supply contracts daily. We have maintained a zero-defect rating for all supply classes we have ventured into. Our USA CAGE code is 30CZ7.

checked In-House Military Standard Packaging
With our in-house MIL-STD-2073 USA military standard packaging facilities and our ability to perform packaging and logistics to numerous USA and international standards, we are well equipped to handle governmental contracts. Our location gives us easy local access to USA government points of inspection and freight hubs for swift service. This packaging and logistics service is now available to other companies on a contract by contract basis, small or large.

checked Stocking Distributors
We hold over 200,000 line items in stock and our inventory is maintained to the highest standards in our controlled environment warehousing facility. This stock consists of factory new, surplus and consignment excess inventory from many sources. We ship everyday using most of the major freight carriers and we provide a certificate of conformance with every order dispatched detailing the inspection process performed on the parts before packing and shipping. This ensures our zero-defect record.

checked Scheduled Orders
We regularly arrange scheduled orders with our clients ensuring that they can guarantee supply when they need it and not before. We can arrange to supply factory new parts from our Franchised lines or we can provide "best in class" service at scheduling supplies of new surplus / excess material for cost savings.


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